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Presently (2021) courses are delivered as distance learning.

On the student’s side, the requirement is a computer with videocamera and a microphone.


Practical Implementation of FIDLEG/LSFin Requirements

Audience Wealth Managers (Switzerland)
Duration 1/2 day

One thing is to know what the information, suitability and appropriateness criteria should be for clients.

Another thing is to :

  1. Be aware of the actual risks and pitfalls, and how to avoid them
  2. Know how to implement them in the daily processes of a wealth management department or company, especially when there are no big software packages to support them.
  3. Focus on the urgent and important things, and prioritize actions

Is it possible to implement those requirements without slowing down work, exploding costs, imprementing complicated rules, or breaking the business model?

Methodology of Tax AML

Audience Compliance, Wealth Managers
Duration 1/2 day

Anti-Money-Laundering is always the same, and tax matters are the same as the rest, right? Not exactly.

Tax offences have some key differences with other types of offences, which have considerable impact on how Compliance staff and wealth managers should approach this issue: on the actors and type of money flows involved, when the checks should be done, how to identify the parties involved, etc.

A practical approach

There are many courses on AML, and most approach the subject from a legal/regulatory requirements.

This one about something else: methodology. Who, what, how, when, how much?

AML in Tax Matters requires a quality jump, and the acquisition of new concepts. This will, in turn, affect the way you approach all AML activities.

If you wish to start an upgrade project, train new colleagues, or even refresh your own AML skills with the latest developments, this course is for you.

Tax Issues

Foundations of Tax Suitability

Audience Wealth Manager (cross-border clients)
Duration 1 day


Are you tired to play Russian Roulette with portfolio performance after tax?

The legal system on income tax for private portfolios is very different from one country of residence to another.

But you do not need relearn everything from scratch each time you deal with a new jurisdiction!

There are common rules underlying the income tax of financial instruments. If you learn them, every new tax system will start making sense. Enter the Standard Income Model.

SettleNext has been delivering courses on the taxation of financial instruments since 2010. We have the experience.

Duration: 1 day


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Foundations of Operational Taxation

Audience Back Office (Operational Tax), Tax, Compliance
Duration 2 days


This is the original and tested course delivered since 2013, continually updated and improved.

Currently there are no courses on the market providing the real know-how needed for staff in back offices, on the foundations of operational taxation:

  • What is taxable income?
  • How do you calculate taxable dividends, interest, capital gain, and discount?
  • What are the rules for deducting fees and offsetting losses?
  • What are the principles of tax reporting?
  • What are “generic” and “country-specific” reports, and how do they work?


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