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Diagnosis Mandate

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

A diagnosis mandate is a short term missions of investigation (usually one to five days) to:

  1. Examine the circumstances of your operational issue
  2. Determine its root causes.
  3. Propose correction/enhancement actions to address its causes (or to mitigate the risk).

Depending on the circumstances (routine or exceptional), it can be done at a fixed price or by the time spent.

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Sample Missions

  • Assess the operational risks on a key process (client on-boarding, AML screening of customer transactions).
  • Find and address the “bug” that prevents a Compliance project to meet its objectives.
  • Assist the IT department to determine the human/technical causes of a security breach.
  • Determine why users are unhappy with a new procedure or application.
  • Find a solution to recurrent errors or exceptions in Operations processes.


The purpose of a diagnosis mandate is to uncover facts or risks that were not known.

Our investigations are therfore not limited to interviews.

They involve a hands-on approach, usually with a on-site visit.

The recommend actions aim to bring measurable results.