Our Mission

Our mission is to help Senior Management increase the focus on strategic issues and leverage Operations as a major industrial asset.

We act as a bridge between:


Our methodology always operates on the three key components of your organization:

Tax, Risk Management and Compliance

We assist the management of banks in implementing regulations in a fast and effective way, while keeping the running costs as reasonable as possible:

  1. Taxation of operations (Final Withholding Tax, EU Savings Directive, Rubik, FATCA)
  2. Detection of increased-risk transactions, to prevent money laundering or fraud.
  3. Compliance with various types of regulations concerning clients, productis or transactions.

We closely work the sectorial managers of your Institution and as required, with external auditors and legal counsel.

Process Efficiency

We are also specialized on consulting on how to improve processes:

  1. Payments, national and cross-border
  2. Stock exchange or OTC transactions
  3. Foreign exchange and money markets
  4. Corporate actions

Process efficiency involves not only reviewing processes and systems, but also training and coaching staff on the application of their daily tasks.

Skills and Methodology

We have an in-depth knowledge of operations in the banking sector, particularly in private banking. Our consulting service will achieve significant enhancements for your institution in terms of:

  1. Cleaning data (financial products, clients, transactions)
  2. Increasing Efficiency
  3. Saving time
  4. Reducing delays
  5. Eradicating errors
  6. Preventing operational losses